Anatomy of a Killer Comedian - Scott Taylor and Nigel Larson

This is the first in a series of posts called Anatomy of a Killer Comedian.  Basically in this series I'll talk with comedians in the open mic scene that most would consider seasoned or professional level comedians.  These are the guys and gals of comedy that you will see consistently killing during their sets.  These are the folks that you'll see or will be seeing soon hosting, opening, middling and even headlining in the main comedy clubs around town and on the road (Laughs, Comedy Underground, Parlor, etc.).

Today I had the great pleasure to talk with Scott Taylor and Nigel Larson, both recent transplants from the East Coast.  If you're in the comedy scene around Seattle or the Eastside, you'll likely have seen them over the last several months.  You'll also notice that they consistently have solid sets.  If you're new to the open mic scene you might wonder how they got started in comedy.

You're in luck because that's much of what we get into discussing with Scott and Nigel during the interview.  You'll hear them answer questions about:
  • Their background in comedy
  • How they did when they first started out in comedy
  • How they ended up in Seattle
  • How the inspiration for their comedy material has changed over time
  • Their goals for their comedy careers
  • Tips and lessons learned they'd like to share with folks that are getting started
  • How they developed their favorite bit/joke and how it changed over time
Interestingly both Scott and Nigel got their starts about the same time in NY, but never really knew each other until they got to Seattle.  You can find Nigel and Scott working on their new material at most open mics around town, especially at Pegasus and Laughs.

Hear more, in their own words from our interview...
(Part 1 of 2):

(Part 2 of 2):

You can find out more about Nigel Larson at

and Scott Taylor at his Tumblr site: TBD

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