Seattle's The Comedy Underground - Monday Madness Open Mic - Another Big Comedy Club Experience - Most Sundays too!

The Comedy Underground - Monday Madness Open Mic at
Mon @ 8:30pm

(Most Sundays at 8:30pm too!)

(206) 628-0303
109 S. Washington St.124th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98104

OK, you've been to dinner and a movie and that's a fun night out, right? Well, try out a different kind of dinner & entertainment night. Try an Open Mic comedy night and you can enjoy some drinks, food and great entertainment all together and at a really reasonable price.

Like Rob O, a Yelp reviewer says about his experience at the Monday Madness Open Mic night:
I went during open-mic night ... with all 30+ comics and their 3-minutes of glory, each... I did have a great time; the food was decent (token pub-fare and pretty cheap) and it was great that you could eat and drink during the show. For the price of it all, it's a good deal for the investment. I'd recommend it for a cheap fun night for sure; I would definitely do it again.
Another Yelp reviewer, Katie S says:
I used to be a regular on Sunday nights- Open Mic- $6 [actually only $5] gets you 2+ hours of awkward, amateur comedy entertainment. I've always found most of the acts pretty funny and there's always a headliner.
A Seattle Comedy Clubs review over at Seattle Spots blog puts it well:
The really good news is that Comedy Underground is open 7 nights a week with several open mic nights when you can see local talent. Those are often the most interesting to watch. Tickets can be purchased for reasonable prices; especially during open mic nights and the performances are a lot of fun to watch. This is a great way to spend an evening and bring a date.
An oldie but a goodie post at the Comics Comic Blog brings up a great possibility for your open mic night out. You just might get a chance to see a comedian today that will be famous tomorrow:
There are many others who've started in Seattle and gone on to bigger and better things (for one example, Joel McHale was a star at TheatreSports before going to L.A. where he now hosts The Soup on E!). And then there's a guy like Reggie Watts, who somehow found a way to start his comedy life in Seattle without the traditional open mics and venues to become an Andy Kaufman Award winner and fixture in New York's comedy scene.
The Comedy Underground really goes all out on their open mic nights. You'll usually see 30+ comedians in a night. Each of them doing their 3 minutes of comedy.

Check out Jonas Barnes on Youtube doing some open mic comedy at Comedy Underground: